Working With MATRIC


As a provider of contract R&D services, MATRIC offers exceptional value to customers through the expertise of our staff, a large percentage of whom have advanced degrees and years of practical experience. We are committed to bringing a highly professional and independent approach to solving problems.


MATRIC considers it extremely important to protect the confidentiality of information received from clients. Some of the steps in place to protect this information are described below.

  • MATRIC will not accept project work with a competitor of an existing customer in a similar business area.
  • MATRIC executes confidentiality agreements with customers, pledging to protect the data entrusted to us.
  • Employees associated with MATRIC sign secrecy agreements to ensure the security of confidential information.
  • All confidential information received from customers is handled on a “need to know” basis within MATRIC.
  • MATRIC withholds printing of descriptive project titles, or the identity of the client when requested, in annual reports or in other reports to external organizations.
  • All external communication of information from customer-supported projects is prohibited, except with written approval of the customer. This applies to any communications to the press or other media, seminar presentations, and any publications.
  • Research notebooks and data records are held confidential and access is permitted only by authorized internal personnel.

MATRIC personnel strive to uphold the highest standards of personal and professional ethics. Our business is conducted with the greatest regard for honesty and integrity. Any situations involving potential conflict of interest will be carefully avoided.

Confidentiality Agreement

As an early step in pursuing a potential business relationship, we will execute a non-disclosure agreement pledging to protect the information entrusted to us.

Intellectual Property Rights

The handling of intellectual property rights and the project fees are an essential part of the project negotiations. If a customer so desires, all intellectual property may reside with the party funding the work. In return, MATRIC has a need to share in a modest way in the value created for its clients. This can take the form of royalties, licensing fees, or bonuses for established technical or economic milestones. MATRIC realizes that there are many different situations and needs regarding intellectual property, so it is important to maintain flexibility in these arrangements. It is also essential that the arrangements be mutually beneficial, since one-sided agreements are unlikely to lead to a continuing relationship. MATRIC is willing to explore a number of mutually beneficial options to make our customer successful in market-driven innovation.

Steps Involved

The steps below depict how a typical research agreement is developed with MATRIC.

  • After initial contact, MATRIC and the potential client will execute a non-disclosure agreement to protect the confidentiality of any information exchanged.
  • The two parties then discuss the project goals and potential approaches to be pursued, in sufficient detail that a project proposal may be prepared.
  • MATRIC will then prepare a draft project proposal for review by the client, including a project schedule, milestones, and estimated costs.
  • After review by the client and incorporation of any revisions, the proposal is converted to one or more Statements of Work.
  • A general services agreement is then prepared, which outlines the details of the working relationship. The Statements of Work are appended to this contract.
  • After execution of the agreement, work can begin.
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