Pratik Pednekar, Ph.D.

Research Chemical Engineer

matric_055-pednekarPratik Pednekar joined MATRIC in 2016 after earning his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from West Virginia University. As a research chemical engineer, Pratik is involved in pilot plant design, commercial scale equipment design and research-based projects. Pratik previously worked with MATRIC through a co-op program in 2015 assisting in the process conceptual design for the commercial scale production of commodity chemicals, identifying key operating procedures for the recovery of chemicals from a novel green process and setting-up simulations to help validate lab-scale data from a batch distillation experiments.

For his dissertation, he devised algorithms to identify optimal sensor networks that can be placed in plants or in key equipment to identify faults that are otherwise difficult to detect. He is experienced in developing plant level simulations and in mathematical modeling of equipment using first principle models. He worked extensively with the integrated gasification combined cycle technology during his Ph.D. and has developed novel models of key reactors to capture commonly occurring faults during operation.


  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, West Virginia University
  • B.Chem.Eng., Chemical Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology