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Board Members

Greg Clutter
Executive Vice President & COO, MATRIC

Dr. John P. “Jack” Dever
Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, MATRIC

Dr. Kevin DiGregorio
Executive Director, Chemical Alliance Zone

Joe Gollehon
Sr. Vice President, TSG Consulting

William B. Goode
Vice President, WV Investments

Steven B. Hedrick
President & CEO, MATRIC

Stephen Kawash
CPA, Brown Edwards CPAs

John T. Miesner
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, MATRIC

Don Supcoe
President, Energy Corporation of America

L. Newton Thomas, Jr.
Sr. Vice President, ITT Carbon Industries (retired)

Dr. Parvez Wadia
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, MATRIC

Bob Welty
State President (WV), Fifth Third Bank