Environmental Technologies

waterMATRIC has broad expertise in the environmental arena and offers services and technologies in a number specific fields, some of which are identified below.

Environmental Management System Development

MATRIC associates have education and experience in the entire scope of environmental regulations and the management systems necessary to maintain compliance. These individuals have been key participants in the development of scores of environmental management plans for a wide range of industries. Additionally, MATRIC associates have extensive documentation and training skills. MATRIC staff have worked in situations in which ISO-9001, ISO 14001, and ISO-9011 are part of the workplace systems and understand the value of having a structured quality system that is an integral part of daily business. Both internal and external auditing for quality systems compliance is an integral part of the MATRIC workplace. Our experience in quality systems, environmental projects and environmental compliance is extensive. Also, we have worked with all levels of the regulatory agencies including local, state, federal and communities.
Essentially all MATRIC staff have worked in situations where environmental regulatory compliance is an integral part of daily operations and have had the responsibility to assure all these requirements were being met and maintained.

Produced Water Treatment Technologies

MATRIC and its spinoff, Liberty Hydro Inc., are introducing a new patent-pending version of reverse osmosis designed to cut in half the energy cost for treating Marcellus Shale produced water. The process will produce water meeting all discharge regulations and a highly concentrated brine stream (>24% salt) that can be dried to salt, or used as is. This new process is slated for near-term pilot scale demonstration followed by full scale implementation. The process is designed to work equally well with mobile units installed at remote sites, or in larger units installed at a central facility. This advance in technology will help keep our surface waters clean while saving energy.

Surface Water Treatment Technologies

MATRIC is working with several major coal producers and other mining operations to develop and deploy passive water treatment systems that are designed to remove dissolved-phase metal contaminants from surface waters at mine sites in West Virginia. The MATRIC systems are tailored to remove certain contaminates using tested chemical separations processes specific to the water chemistry conditions at each site. MATRIC chemists are working with our clients to meet stringent water quality standards that will be protective of human health and the environment while reducing the cost of the required treatment process. MATRIC staff have developed a cooperative approach that is accepted by the regulatory community while providing cost and efficiency improvements to our clients.

MATRIC is working with the electrical utilities to implement a technology capable of removing mercury from the discharge water. This lower cost technology will help reduce the mercury emissions to rivers.

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