>Meet Our Staff

David L. Statler, Jr., Ph.D.

David Statler joined MATRIC after receiving his PhD in Chemical Engineering from West Virginia University. For his dissertation, he investigated the recyclability of flame-retarded polycarbonate to be reused in electrical equipment housings. He evaluated numerous physical and polymer properties to obtain quantitative results. He also participated in studies to more clearly define the degradation mechanism [...]

Jeremy Rader, P.E.

Jeremy Rader worked with MATRIC as a student intern before joining the organization as a full-time employee in 2006. He has been involved in a number of projects since that time, primarily process development and pilot plant activities. Rader has contributed leadership to the design and installation of control systems in MATRIC’s pilot facilities and [...]

John Matheny

Mr. Matheny has 34 years of experience in the chemical industry, much of it involving the design, construction, and operation of pilot plant facilities and production units for Union Carbide and Dow Chemical. His experience includes high pressure laboratory operations, ethyleneamines and ethanolamines experimental units, and production unit support. He has spent several years at [...]

Arthur L. Lucas

Art Lucas has built a record of engineering accomplishments within various engineering disciplines, with experience at Marathon Ashland Petroleum, Akzo Nobel, Sunoco Chemicals, and DuPont Chemicals. He has provided engineering support for propylene purification and polymerization, polymer extrusion technology, process debottlenecking, solids processing and material transfer operations. He also has experience in simulating chemical processes [...]

Eric King, Ph.D.

Eric King joined MATRIC after receiving his PhD in organic chemistry at the Ohio State University. His doctoral research involved the design and synthesis of novel organic molecules with interesting chiral, catalytic, and self-assembly properties. He also carried out post-doctoral research at OSU. He has experience with a wide variety of laboratory techniques such as [...]

Brian T. Keen, Ph.D.

Brian Keen has nearly 30 years of experience in industrial process chemistry with Union Carbide and Dow Chemical. His interests include the creation of new and innovative technologies, the development and implementation of new process technology, operations improvement to enhance productivity and reduce costs, and the development of an in-depth understanding of processes to enable [...]

Fungau Ho, Ph.D.

Dr. Fungau Ho has a broad range of experience in new product and new process R&D gained from more than 30 years of experience in Union Carbide and Dow Chemical. For more than 20 years he was responsible for all technology-related issues and problems in acrylic acid and esters production, supporting pilot plants and production [...]

O. Stanley Fruchey, Ph.D.

Stan Fruchey accumulated thirty years of experience in industrial research for two international chemical companies before joining MATRIC. He has successfully developed, piloted, and commercialized four new chemical processes. His work has resulted in 36 issued U.S. patents and numerous foreign applications. Dr. Fruchey began his industrial career at Hoechst Celanese in Corpus Christi, Texas, [...]

William G. Etzkorn, M.S.

Prior to joining MATRIC in 2010, Bill Etzkorn had nearly 30 years of industrial research and development experience, with Union Carbide and Dow Chemical. His process development experience encompasses process design, development, lab and pilot plant design, construction, and operation. He also has extensive project management experience, involving R&D support of commercial operations, new process [...]

Edmond J. Derderian, Ph.D.

Dr. Ed Derderian has broad R&D experience in the chemical industry, having worked with Union Carbide, Witco, and Crompton in areas including new solvents, surfactants, and polymer development. His areas of specialty include polyurethane technology, structure-property relationships of polymers, fuel and lubricating oil additives, micro-emulsions, interfacial chemistry and physics. At MATRIC he leads innovative development [...]