>Meet Our Staff

Gary E. Bishop

Gary Bishop joined MATRIC in 2012 to manage classification, shipping and compliance regulations for chemicals used and produced in MATRIC research and pilot plant projects. During a 30+ year career with Union Carbide/Dow he held positions of increasing responsibility including Shipping and Receiving Team Leader, Site DOT Coordinator and Compliance Coordinator for Corporate R&D. In [...]

William S. Ballingall

Bill Ballingall has over 30 years’ experience working with instrumentation and control systems and related electrical equipment for Union Carbide/Dow and Appalachian Power Company. His extensive expertise enhances MATRIC’s abilities in analytical instrumentation through innovative solutions, analytical problem solving, and improved safety, reliability and accuracy of these systems. William S. Ballingall INSTRUMENT ELECTRICIAN [...]

Jeffrey G. Hippler, Ph.D.

Jeff Hippler had a 25-year career with Union Carbide and Dow Chemical in which he was involved in a wide variety of technologies. He advanced to the positions of Principal Engineer and Technical Leader in the reaction engineering area. Jeff has strong experience in most reaction and separation technologies and expertise in measuring and modeling [...]

Rick Zitzelsberger

Rick Zitzelsberger has been involved in laboratory operations in the chemical industry for more than 25 years. His background includes a variety of analytical equipment, such as surface analysis instruments and gas chromatographs. For a time, he served as a spray coatings specialist, working with customers, manufacturers, and R&D personnel to introduce advanced technology to [...]

Robert S. Wright

Robert Wright has extensive experience in laboratory and pilot plant operations with emphasis on operation of small scale batch and continuous reactors, catalyst preparation and evaluation, distillation, online gas chromatograph and titration analysis, and control systems. Bob has experience as a technologist/technician with Roche Biomedical Laboratories, Union Carbide, Dow Chemical, and Alstom Power. Robert [...]

Charles P. Wolfe

Chuck Wolfe has 30 years of experience in chemical laboratory and pilot plant operations. He has been involved in the design and construction of high and low-pressure reactor systems, the development of analytical methods, and the synthesis of novel highly reactive compounds. He is familiar with inert atmosphere techniques, including glassware and glove box systems. [...]

Stefan Mierau

Steve Mierau has extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of heterogeneous catalysis and process chemistry, gained in more than 30 years with Union Carbide, Dow Chemical and MATRIC. Specific techniques include catalyst preparation and testing, catalyst physical and chemical properties, amination process technology, wet chemical analyses, lab-scale reactor design, fabrication and operation, and gas [...]

Dana L. Jividen

Dana Jividen has been involved in a wide range of laboratory operations over his 20+ years at Union Carbide, Dow Chemical, and MATRIC. He also has experience in a variety of analytical techniques. Processes he has worked on include hydrogenation, ethoxylation, hydroformylation, carbonylation, and acrylic acid production. He has experience with heterogeneous, homogeneous, multiphase, and [...]

Kimberly Hayson

Kim Hayson has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and laboratory operations. She has been involved in development of new green products and new materials for the coatings industry. She has also worked closely with customers and served as a technical service specialist. Most recently, Kim managed an analytical laboratory and was involved [...]

Michael Hale

Mike Hale is a scientific glassblower with extensive experience in designing and constructing specialized glass articles for laboratory and pilot plant facilities. He has more than 10 years of experience with Union Carbide and Dow Chemical. His operation includes a glass lathe, glass saw, annealing oven, multiple torches, and other equipment. Mr. Hale is supporting [...]