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Larry Dixon

Senior Operations Technician

Larry Dixon has a background of more than 35 years in chemical operations. His experience includes all aspects of pilot plant activities, including design, construction, operation, control systems, data collection and analysis, troubleshooting, emergency response, and safety processes. He has participated in the startup and operation of some very difficult and demanding processes. Some of the processes he …


Vincent M. Davis

Senior Laboratory Technician

Vince Davis has more than 30 years of experience as a laboratory technician with Union Carbide and Dow Chemical. His areas of expertise include alkoxylation, water-soluble polymer applications, organic synthesis, analytical chemistry, and surfactant applications. Davis has attended West Virginia State University in pursuit of a BS in Chemistry.


Christine Cochran

Laboratory Technician

Christine Cochran has many years of experience as a chemical laboratory technician. She has worked in organic synthesis, pressure reactor systems, zeolite synthesis, pilot scale operations, manipulation of air-sensitive chemicals, and a wide range of analytical techniques. She has also worked in plant support and customer service.


Timothy G. Bumgardner

Senior Laboratory Technician

Tim Bumgardner has over 30 years of experience constructing, operating, problem solving and analyzing data for pilot plants and scale models of reactor and refining systems. He was previously employed by Union Carbide and Dow Chemical, where he gained expertise in both laboratory and pilot plant operations.


William Brooks

Laboratory Technician

Bill Brooks has more than twenty years of experience in laboratory operations at Union Carbide, Dow Chemical, and MATRIC. His activities have included high throughput research, analytical measurements, distillations with Oldershaw columns, handling air-sensitive materials, and operations with reactive materials such as acrylic acid.


Paul Aubry

Senior Laboratory Technician

Paul Aubry has more than 30 years of experience as a laboratory technician with Union Carbide, Dow, and MATRIC. He has expertise in organic synthesis, ethoxylation, acrolein derivatives, and handling highly hazardous materials. His experience includes high pressure reaction vessels, small and large scale pilot plant construction and operation, large scale pilot distillations, reactive metal reactions using potassium …

Withrow Jim 2

James K. Withrow

Chemical Process Engineer

Mr. Jim Withrow has extensive experience in all areas of solid processing, including handling, drying, crystallization and solid-liquid separation, having worked in this area with Union Carbide for more than 25 years. He provided design, testing and consulting services to all divisions of the company, specializing in solid-liquid separation and solid-handling systems. He served as supervisor of the …

Statler David 2

David L. Statler, Jr., Ph.D.

Chemical Engineer

David Statler joined MATRIC after receiving his PhD in Chemical Engineering from West Virginia University. For his dissertation, he investigated the recyclability of flame-retarded polycarbonate to be reused in electrical equipment housings. He evaluated numerous physical and polymer properties to obtain quantitative results. He also participated in studies to more clearly define the degradation mechanism of a non-halogenated flame …


Jeremy Rader, P.E.

Control Systems and Electrical Supervisor

Jeremy Rader worked with MATRIC as a student intern before joining the organization as a full-time employee in 2006. He has been involved in a number of projects since that time, primarily process development and pilot plant activities. Rader has contributed leadership to the design and installation of control systems in MATRIC’s pilot facilities and is …


John Matheny

Pilot Plant Construction Supervisor

Mr. Matheny has 34 years of experience in the chemical industry, much of it involving the design, construction, and operation of pilot plant facilities and production units for Union Carbide and Dow Chemical. His experience includes high pressure laboratory operations, ethyleneamines and ethanolamines experimental units, and production unit support. He has spent several years at manufacturing locations …

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