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Stephen Portillo


Stephen Portillo joined MATRIC in 2013 to assist with pilot plant fabrication and general repairs and maintenance, including laboratory hoods, pumps and various electrical equipment. Portillo brings 10+ years in the electrical trade having worked primarily in local chemical plants reading and interpreting drawings, blueprints, schematics and wiring diagrams and installing and trouble- shooting instrumentation installations.


Michael Y. Nehme

Senior Laboratory Technician

Michael Nehme is a senior laboratory technologist with extensive experience in chemical research, development and manufacturing. Nehme has received numerous special recognition including Technologist of the Year for Dow Chemical and is named as co-inventor on five patents. At MATRIC, he participates in both research and pilot plant projects.


Jeremy P. Lucas

Pilot Plant Operations Supervisor

Jeremy Lucas joined MATRIC in 2012 to assist in the design and fabrication of pilot plant equipment and boiler operations. During his 10+ year career, Lucas has participated in the design and documentation of process equipment; implemented quality control and assurance procedures; developed equipment layout and equipment elevation drawings; performed detailed equipment evaluations against factory tolerances; provided …


Quinton M. Johnson

Operations Technician

Quinton Johnson joined MATRIC in 2013 as an operations technician to assist in the fabrication, operations and maintenance of large-scale pilot plants. Johnson is a member of MATRIC’s operational support team charged with installation and fitting of pipes and tubing; installation, operation and maintenance of boilers; and, general building and equipment repairs and maintenance.


P. David Fisher

Operations Technician

Dave Fisher joined MATRIC in 2011 to assist in the fabrication and operation of large pilot scale units. Dave has 20+ years’ experience building and operating pilot plants including maintenance of reactors, pumps, separation columns and instrumentation. He holds a heavy equipment operator certificate and is experienced as a purchasing agent.


Allen L. Dailey

Operations Technician

Allen Dailey joined MATRIC in 2012 to assist in the fabrication and operation of large pilot scale units. Dailey has 30+ years’ experience building and operating pilot plants including maintenance of mechanical equipment, motors, pneumatic tools and conveyor systems. He holds a heavy equipment operator certificate and is experienced in metalworking to manufacture and repair parts.


Rick Zitzelsberger

Senior Laboratory Technician

Rick Zitzelsberger has been involved in laboratory operations in the chemical industry for more than 25 years. His background includes a variety of analytical equipment, such as surface analysis instruments and gas chromatographs. For a time, he served as a spray coatings specialist, working with customers, manufacturers, and R&D personnel to introduce advanced technology to the market. He …


Robert S. Wright

Laboratory Technician

Robert Wright has extensive experience in laboratory and pilot plant operations with emphasis on operation of small scale batch and continuous reactors, catalyst preparation and evaluation, distillation, online gas chromatograph and titration analysis, and control systems. Bob has experience as a technologist/technician with Roche Biomedical Laboratories, Union Carbide, Dow Chemical, and Alstom Power.


Charles P. Wolfe

Senior Laboratory Technician

Chuck Wolfe has 30 years of experience in chemical laboratory and pilot plant operations. He has been involved in the design and construction of high and low-pressure reactor systems, the development of analytical methods, and the synthesis of novel highly reactive compounds. He is familar with inert atmosphere techniques, including glassware and glove box systems. He also has …


Dana L. Jividen

Senior Laboratory Technician

Dana Jividen has been involved in a wide range of laboratory operations over his 20+ years at Union Carbide, Dow Chemical, and MATRIC. He also has experience in a variety of analytical techniques. Processes he has worked on include hydrogenation, ethoxylation, hydroformylation, carbonylation, and acrylic acid production. He has experience with heterogeneous, homogeneous, multiphase, and supercritical phase reactions, …

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