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MATRIC Supports the Development of the NETL’s Energy Data eXchange (EDX)

Energy Data eXchange (EDX) is the National Energy Technology Laboratory’s (NETL) online system for accessing reliable information and data relevant to fossil energy research within NETL portfolios. MATRIC joined the EDX team in October 2012 as the primary developer and implemented a customized solution utilizing the CKAN open-source data portal platform. The initial CKAN-based EDX [...]

Four Reasons You Need to Utilize a Pilot Plant

Four Reasons You Need to Utilize a Pilot Plant Four Reasons You Need to Utilize a Pilot Plant Worried about separations? Worried about yield?  Have recycle streams in your process? You’re in need of a pilot plant. Pilot plants and are an extension of the early development work, and until you run an [...]

MATRIC continues to serve customers during time of WV crisis

The Charleston, W.Va., water contamination issue continues to lead national and international media headlines. As a company based in the greater Charleston area, it's easy to say that last week is one for the West Virginia record books. First, we experience unseasonably and dangerously low temperatures and wind chills, which subsided by mid-week. Then on [...]

Conversion of Renewable Raw Materials to Chemicals and Fuels

Sustainability is an issue of concern for many companies that plan to provide the chemicals, plastics and fuels of the future. The use of fossil resources needs to be managed to conserve the existing stocks and provide time to invest in research and the development of new technologies. Renewable raw materials have been utilized for [...]

Natural Gas, U.S. Manufacturing and the Future…

The buzz around natural gas never seems to end. From the American Chemistry Council’s response in September to the IHS report to The Wall Street Journal’s story on October 25th.  Natural gas is poising American manufacturing for a renaissance. But how do we best prepare for this renaissance…for the future? […]

2013’s Top Chemical Companies Identified

The information service ICIS has released its identification and assessment of the global Top 100 Chemical Companies 2013. Companion reports highlighting the Top 100 Regional Chemical Companies 2013 (North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America) and the 2013 Company of the Year are included. The reports can be downloaded from the ICIS website. [...]