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Use and Abuse of Crystallization for Process Separations

Often chemical processes require an intermediate refining step to separate reaction products, and the physical properties of the components exclude typical separation unit operations such as distillation or extraction.  Crystallization may be excluded because of uncertainties in the performance and/or reliability of the methodology.  Let’s address the challenges (and solutions) of integrating crystallization techniques into [...]

MATRIC Tech Series: Dana Jividen

Do you ever wonder how science actually works? How an idea goes from an idea to a reality? MATRIC has more than 15 laboratory technicians and operators who bring science to life – literally. These men and women are core to MATRIC’s advantage in the marketplace, because they take an idea – a concept – [...]

Licensing Package Development and Commercial Production

Given the complexities associated with creating new products and processes, chemical companies must carefully select partners with the knowledge and resources to enable safe, economical, and timely entrance into the marketplace. How does a company move from concept into the realm of actual commercialization? If large enough, the following steps could be completed internally, but [...]

Jeremy Rader: MATRIC’s self-taught engineer

A licensed professional engineer (P.E.), Jeremy Rader is the company’s control systems and electrical engineering supervisor. And while he has formal training, much of what he does he taught himself. Rader, who joined MATRIC in 2006, oversees technicians for pilot plant operations, but he also helps build pilot plants, run pilot plants, as well as [...]

Pratik Pednekar Joins MATRIC as Research Chemical Engineer

MATRIC today announced that Pratik Pednekar has joined the company as research chemical engineer. In this role, Pratik will be involved in the development of technology transfer packages from the laboratory to the pilot plant and ultimately to commercial scale processes. He joins MATRIC after earning his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from West Virginia University [...]

WVU, OSU Students Join MATRIC for the Summer

A leader in science and technology research and development, MATRIC has invited three undergraduate chemical engineering students to join the team as interns for the summer. Some of the best and brightest from West Virginia University (WVU) and The Ohio State University (OSU) will assist the 100+ MATRICians with their daily work in the labs, [...]

MATRIC Presents at 2016 AIChe Spring Conference

Traveling to the numerous AIChe conferences each year is nothing new to MATRICians Rob Nunley and Brooke Albin, who most recently attended the AIChe spring meeting in Houston. AIChE is the world’s leading organization for chemical engineering professionals, with more than 50,000 members from more than 100 countries. […]

Jeff Hippler: MATRIC’s Master of Discipline, Control and Patience

Jeff Hippler joined MATRIC in 2014 as a Senior Chemical Engineer, overseeing the execution of various projects in the lab. Before this role, he spent 30 years in the chemical industry working with control systems to simplify his work. These systems watch temperatures, speed and pressures – and automatically adjust accordingly – to ensure that [...]

Rob Nunley: Pilot Plant Manager

When Rob Nunley isn’t working at MATRIC, he’s probably chasing around his teenagers, fly-fishing, woodworking, or working on any of a number of DIY projects around his house. A father of two, Nunley is a pilot plant manager at MATRIC, a role he’s held since 2013. He’s responsible for working with clients to ensure their [...]