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Joel Chittum Joins MATRIC as Software Developer

Joel Chittum has joined MATRIC as a new software developer. In this role, he will be a part of the Advanced Software Technologies team and will be working on the development of a platform to integrate multiple geologic modeling tools. Previously, Joel worked on the Comprehensive Large Array-data Stewardship System (CLASS) developed for the National Oceanic [...]

Q&A With Timothy Jones

Name: Timothy “TJ” Jones Title: Management Information Systems Specialist III Education: B.S. Management Information Systems, West Virginia University When did you join MATRIC and what is your role? I joined MATRIC in the summer of 2010. As a Management Information Systems Specialist, I’m responsible for managing various parts of the software development lifecycle for MATRIC’s [...]

MATRIC Participates in George Washington High School STEM Career Fair

MATRIC recently participated in the George Washington High School STEM Career Fair in Charleston, W.Va. The purpose of the event is to help educate students on career opportunities and educational requirements needed in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. Not only is MATRIC able to talk to students about opportunities in the chemistry and chemical [...]

Knowledge Custodian – Incorporation of Technology Expert Role Enhances Effective Communication throughout Project Implementation

The importance of the effective and timely communication of know-how and technical information is highlighted in practically all project techno-economic-chemical-design-technology-improvement guidelines and project critiques.  An approach to project implementation that focuses on facilitating communication promises to streamline knowledge flow and directly influence efficiency throughout all stages of the project. […]

Daniel McFarland Joins MATRIC as Software Developer

Daniel McFarland has joined MATRIC as a new software developer. In this role, he will be a part of the Advanced Software Technologies team and will be working on multiple enterprise web development projects. “We are excited to have Dan join our team. His enthusiasm and technical skills will bring great value to the MATRIC [...]

Jacqueline Kay Joins MATRIC as Human Resources Manager

Jacqueline Kay has joined MATRIC as Human Resources Manager. In this role Jacqueline is responsible for defining, coordinating and implementing HR services, policies and programs. “We are excited for Jacqueline to be a part of our dynamic team,” said Greg Clutter, Chief Operating Officer, MATRIC. “One of her primary responsibilities will be to focus on [...]

MATRIC using Big Data computing to assist DOE in solving real world challenges

MATRIC is using ‘big data’ computing to help the Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) to perform or enhance data mining, analysis, simulation and modeling of high volume, velocity, and variety of spatial and non-spatial data.  Big data computing is a combination of hardware (computing clusters) and software technologies (Hadoop, Spark, MapReduce) [...]