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MATRIC is an independent, non-profit research and development firm.

MATRIC’s deep technical heritage and uncommon lab and pilot plant facilities provide the talent and resources that chemical and energy companies need to develop, improve and scale chemical processes while minimizing cost and risk.

Organizations needing advanced systems or software development services can better manage schedule and cost by working with MATRIC and, simultaneously, tap into MATRIC’s expertise in turning data into actionable knowledge.

Technical Engineering

Powerful, proven and established technology development and improvement methodologies to increase return on investment.

Advanced Software Technologies

Experience and capabilities to reduce software and systems development risks while controlling schedule and costs.

  • Francisco G. CuadraFrancisco G. Cuadra
    Paco Cuadra provides 30+ years’ experience in catalyst testing, designing and operating lab scale mini reactors, organo-metallic synthesis and high vacuum distillations. In addition, he has participated in pilot plant design, fabrication, operations and decommissioning, applying relevant safety standards to each activity.

MATRIC MATTERS: Manufacturing Plant Assessment

MATRIC was engaged to help a client identify opportunities to increase productivity, efficiency, process safety, energy efficiency and reliability in the operation of a chemical manufacturing facility in Asia. MATRIC’s team brought extensive operations, engineering and R&D experience [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Crystallization and Solid-Liquid Separation

A producer of a solid material wanted to update their process for greater efficiency and productivity. MATRIC investigated alternatives for removing insoluble components from the process stream at laboratory scale. The material was collected and characterized by microscopy [...]